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Global Challenges Scholarship
Feed the world, protect the future, live well: they're Lincoln University's causes – a response to the global challenges facing the planet today, like climate change, food production and security, depleting resources, urban sprawl, the loss of biodiversity, and pollution.
Our nationwide Global Challenges Programme is designed to engage passionate and cause-driven secondary school students, like yourself, with some of the most pressing issues facing humankind and the planet today.

Do you want to play a part in making a difference? If so, we have scholarships available for students who understand the problems and want to be part of the solution.

What are the scholarships?
• For the first time in 2016, 10 Global Challenges Scholarships will be awarded to international students, at domestic tuition fees value (for 1st year tuition fees, undergraduate qualification).
• Scholars will act as ambassadors for the Global Challenges Programme.

How do I get a Global Challenges Scholarship?
You can apply for a Global Challenges Scholarship through the application system, MyLinc, when you apply to study at Lincoln University.
You'll need to create a MyLinc account, apply for your chosen course of study, then apply for the scholarship.
You can change your course of study at any time, even after you have submitted your applications.
We will need the following information to process your Global Challenges Scholarship application:

• A short video outlining your interest in a current global issue, to be uploaded to Vimeo
• The details of two referees. A link will be provided to download the reference form, which you can then forward to your referees to complete
• Your acknowledgement that you agree to our terms and conditions, including the privacy policy.

Then you can save and submit your application. Please note that you are able to save your applications and return at any time before submitting them. 

Applications closeWednesday 1 October 2015

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